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At Reliable Spring we have and are supplying most sectors of Industry, each with their own individual requirements. Some of the major sectors are:

Construction Engineering: Architectural Ironmongery, Street Furniture, Window furniture, Door Closers, Louvre Springs, Partition Brackets, Scaffold Clips, Counterbalance Springs, and many others.

Automotive Industry: Cable Springs, Latch release Springs, Handle return Springs, Throttle Components, Compensator Springs, Bias Springs, Clutch Springs, Valve Springs, Brake pull off springs to name but a few.

Aerospace Springs: Seat Latch Springs, Gally Springs, Suspension Springs, Cable Management springs Hose reinforcing Springs and many others.

Rail Industry:  Latch Springs, Trim Springs, Cable Management springs, Passenger compartment springs, Waste bin Springs, Storage Locker Counterbalance springs to name but a few.

Marine Industry: Winches, Clutches, Pawl Springs, Cleat Springs, Rudder Clips, Cam Springs, Valve Springs, Buckle springs and many others.