spring manufacturing

Spring Range

The range of springs produced, varies according to the type of spring manufactured. We offer most types of spring, which are manufactured at our Tipton site.

Compression Spring – The most common type of spring. We offer these types of springs manufactured from round wire in the range of 0.2mm to 19mm and from all types of material and volumes, dependent upon their working environment.

Torsion Spring – A common form of spring manufactured at RSM. We offer in a range of round wire from 0.3mm to 19mm. These are offered in all types of material, and quantities.

Extension Spring – These are produced in a similar range of wire sizes to those above (0.3mm to 19mm), but it is rare for them to be manufactured in excess of 12mm round material.

Wire Shape – A similar wire range again in round wire, however it is very rare for these to be manufactured in excess of 8mm wire section. They are offered in most material types and specifications.

Flat Spring – We supply flat springs in most bespoke forms.  We manufacture in most volumes and material types and can generally encompass most customer requirements.

In short, we can supply the majority of industry’s requirements.

Our History

RSM has been producing at our Tipton site for in excess of 30 years, following manufacture at our original West Bromwich site for over 100 years. We have recently extended our current premises in order to incorporate the latest demands of industry.

Springs were originally manufactured in the West Bromwich area, due to its location in proximity to steel producers; themselves located locally due to deposits of coal and limestone being readily available for the smelting of iron into steel. Local steel suppliers were able to supply the finest steels suiting our industry, and many spring making companies started.

RSM has managed to prosper through many years with the purchase of new plant and machinery, and re-investment of the skills and knowledge gained over many decades of spring production. As a result, we have a skilled team, and we are able to manufacture and produce all volumes and types of springs, with the experience earned.

Design & Development

We have many years of design experience, gained by utilising the latest bespoke spring design software, together with the knowledge and expertise of an accomplished, and skilled staff.  We have gained the ability to aid our customers in the design of springs to suit their bespoke products, to prototype, and follow through to serial or bulk manufacture in all materials, types of springs and working environments.